Are softwaretesters dying out?

The Article is about: If software has no faults in the future, do we need testers any longer? Why do we need testers and are testfactories the perfect solution.


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I also think, that tester are not dying out.

In the article you describe a testing as a kind of consulting service. The tester is part of the change-management and not just a stupid click-dummy (this can be done by testautomatisation). Often the tester is the one, who knows the softwareprodukt best. So why not use the knowlege for other purpose like identifying business-risks.

But only with good communication-processes, this will work. Testing is no separate job. Testers should be integrated as soon as the first version of the requirements are written (W-Modell).

I don’t think that large testfactories can do that. The Testers have to be consulting-firms or should be part of the client’s organisation.


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